A Reputation for Professionalism


With over 40 years experience, JBA Aviation, Inc. has established itself as the clear leader among brokers of business jet aircraft. We are known throughout the industry as the brokerage organization with a reputation for professionalism.

Our reputation has been earned through exceptional success in representing clients in all facets of business and industry. We have worked for manufacturers, distributors, completion centers, public service companies, and fixed base operators, and have sold or acquired business aircraft with a cumulative value exceeding two billion dollars.

What to Expect

In sales, acquisition, and leasing of business aircraft, it is natural to ask, “Why use a broker?” By definition, the role of the broker is to bring two parties together for the purpose of conducting business. At JBA it goes much further than that. We view our role as one of a professional analyst and consultant on operation and ownership of turbine powered business aircraft and we fully support our clients in that regard.

Range of Service

We thoroughly understand the business aircraft market from executive turboprops up through executive/head-of-state, transport category aircraft. We can help analyze your typical trip requirements and recommend aircraft that match the mission profile. Whether buying, leasing on a short or long-term basis, or selling aircraft, we represent your best interests throughout the transaction. In addition, we can arrange all the necessary support functions such as demonstration flights, insurance, inspections, and documentation. If necessary we can also coordinate aircraft refurbishments through one of several available completion centers.

Why JBA?

At JBA, we are full-time business aviation aircraft brokers and consultants. Our time, effort, and resources are concentrated on meeting the needs of our customers. As a result, we enjoy one of the highest repeat business factors in the business.

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