Aircraft Appraisals

Planning a fleet change?  Need a thorough evaluation of your aircraft for tax purposes, insurance hull coverage, refinancing or just to know what your asset is worth?  Our experts can complete a thorough review of your aircraft and provide a detailed report on fair market value citing current availability and recent comparable sales to give you the most accurate evaluation possible.

Transportation Analysis

Do you have an unusual or difficult trip that is important for your operation?  Do you fly into high altitude airports or short runways and need to carry a specific number of passengers back to your home base?  We can evaluate your specific mission profile and tell you what aircraft would best complete your trip within any specific budget constraints.

Cost Analysis

Sometimes picking the aircraft that can operate the most efficiently is more important than picking the aircraft that will complete a specific trip the fastest.  We can provide cost of operation figures on the aircraft you might be considering and help you to balance that information with the performance figures in order to determine the best option for your operation.

Operations Analysis

Are you starting a new flight department or considering the various options of operating a corporate aircraft.  We can help you to evaluate the costs and benefits of using an aircraft management company, operating a corporate flight department or pursuing other options like fractional ownership, joint ownership or block charter.

Residual Value Analysis

The true cost of any asset is not just the capital cost.  It is the initial cost minus the residual value at resale, less the cost of operations.  We can point to historical trends to give you a good idea of the residual value you can expect to retain on your aircraft down the road.  Although not an exact science, our four decades of experience in this market gives JBA a unique advantage in predicting future trends in this dynamic marketplace.