Exclusive Listing

Why Use a Broker?

JBA helped to introduce the concept of exclusive representation almost 40 years ago in order to address some of the innate problems of selling an aircraft in an unregulated industry.  An aircraft without exclusive representation is often “shopped” off market between brokers who build multiple commissions into a deal.  These unnecessary middlemen can complicate a transaction significantly and add undue cost to both buyer and seller.

Bottom line – Aircraft listed with an exclusive agent will sell significantly faster and for higher prices than those without.

Exclusive Benefits

The exclusive listing service provides several specific benefits:  Screening of unqualified buyers, frequent updates of comparable availability and recent sales, accurate and consistent representation of the product, negotiation and assistance with all documentation and coordination with all agents to ensure the transaction moves forward quickly and efficiently.

With an exclusive listing, your JBA associate acts as your dedicated representative during the entire sales process of your aircraft. This assures that your identity and best interests will be protected throughout the transaction process.

Proven Communication Programs

JBA strongly believes that consistent, proactive communications are critical to the effective marketing of business aircraft. Based on years of proven successes, our exclusive “six-point” advertising and promotion program is the industry’s most efficient tool for communicating between buyers and sellers. The program includes:

  • Advertising in domestic and international trade journals
  • On-going direct email program to pre-qualified buyers
  • JBA participation in major trade shows & associations
  • High-quality, customized product materials
  • A consistent JBA corporate identity program to reinforce our pre-eminent position in the business aviation market.
  • Frequent direct communication with other reputable brokers

JBA Planned Approach

Before your aircraft is placed on the market, JBA will present a detailed marketing program covering the total effort behind selling your aircraft. It is a program based on our experience and knowledge of what works best in the present market environment. Knowledge of the product, knowledge of the market, and knowledge of how to effectively communicate with the prospective buyer are all characteristics that set JBA apart.