Market Evaluations

JBA provides market evaluations to our customers on a regular basis for a variety of purposes. Whether you are planning a fleet change, are in the process of refinancing, need a current hull value for insurance purposes, are in the middle of a tax assessment, or just want to know what your aircraft is currently worth, we can provide a fair market value that is supported by the most recent data available. In today’s rapidly changing market, knowing what a comparable aircraft may have sold for a couple of months ago just isn’t good enough.

At JBA, we track all recent sales, current deals pending, and new aircraft coming to market in order to give you a fair market value that is up to the minute. We will also show you the important features of the competition and adjust for year of manufacture, airframe time, engine status, equipment and other important data so you can see where the evaluation is coming from. This is information that a dedicated aircraft appraiser just can’t get – it is only available to those that buy and sell aircraft every day.